The Amazing Flash Forest

With the constraints of Covid upon us, it was still possible to bring together a human forest for a day! Walthamstow families collected their tree packs, made their costumes and came together on the day. They were there to celebrate the successful campaign to save Lime Tree Walk from demolition, but also to imagine themselves as trees, listen to tree stories and more stories of what the trees have seen, parade through Lime Tree Walk accompanied by African Drums and finally destroy the evil tower blocks.

This wonderful project was realised with the funding and support of a Same Sky grant from Artillery Arts. It was part of the 2021 E17 Art Trail.

If you would like to make your own tree costumes, feel free to download the instruction sheet below (it’s 2 jpgs, so you’ll have to download them separately… I couldn’t work out another way to do it). You’ll need corrugated cardboard/paper about 60cm deep for children and 75cm deep for adults. I’ve only found it sold in rolls 75m long (recycled and about £25 excl transport), which is good if you’re going for a forest but if you’re going for standalone trees you may need to find another source.

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