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Mapping Walthamstopia

This project was located on Fellowship Island during the Walthamstow Garden Party in July 2017.

“Help design the ‘Stow of your dreams! Draw, print, write and stick your utopian plans of the future onto a giant map of Walthamstow.”

Random Access Memory

As part of a ‘Space and Place’ art theory course at City Lit in spring 2017 we were asked to create a mind map of one of the sessions.

I once had a conversation with a friend who said they had studied Lacan. I expressed my admiration and she said “yeah, but I don’t remember any of it”. That exchange informed this piece. It is a longhand rendition of the notes I studiously took of everything that happened in the session on ‘Site Specific Art’, stored in an archive box.


Persona Profiler Marketing Fish

These cellophane fish were a collaboration with Lucy Chapman. They were distributed at the Something Collective show “Unspeakable” in 2015. The personality types are all taken from the Audience Agency report of 2014, describing the distinct audience groups who visit art galleries.

Persona Profiler Fish

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